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Respect - Responsible attitudes and behavior in the virtual social space
In cooperation with the European Youth Foundation

Vieta: European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, France

Locekļi: Renge Ludmila


1. General approach and framework:
The general aim of the training activities of the Pestalozzi Programme is to train education professionals to become multipliers for Council of Europe standards and values in education.
The work is based on three main pillars
Content : standards and principles as well as project results of the Council of Europe
Methodology : learner-centred, peer-training, collaborative work on issues of common concerns to find fit solutions for diverse contexts
 Four-fold concept of competences development : developing sensitivity and awareness, knowledge and understanding, individual practice, societal practice
For more information on the framework of the Pestalozzi Modules for Trainer Training, please consult the document “Pestalozzi Modules Framework” on www.coe.int/pestalozzi
2. Number: CoE 2013 1112-1115 RESP
3. Related Council of Europe Projects:
Education for Democratic citizenship and human rights
Information society and media
Pestalozzi Modules series for trainer training
4. Dates Module A: 12/11/2013 – 15/11/2013
5. Deadline for nomination: 01/06/2013
6. Working language(s): English and French

Interpretation will be provided
7. Venue: European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg

Adresse : 30 rue Pierre de Coubertin, F - 67000 Strasbourg, FRANCE
Tel.: + 33 3 88 41 23 00
Fax: + 33 3 88 41 27 77
E-Mail: reception.eycs@coe.int
Site web: http://www.coe.int/t/dg4/youth/EYC/Strasbourg

8. Number of available places: 50
i. up to 45 participants from the signatory States to the European Cultural Convention; in the case of this particular course and the cooperation with the European Youth Foundation the 45 places should be distributed as follows
a) 15 participants from pre-service or in-service teacher training
b) 15 participants from the adult education sector
c) 15 participants from the youth sector
ii. up to 5 participants from other countries
Participants under point i. (a+b) are nominated by the National Liaison Officers of the Pestalozzi Programme in consultation with the respective members of the Council of Europe Steering Committee for Policies and Practices in Education, taking into account the required participants’ profile (point 9). Participants under point i. (c) shall be identified by the European Youth Foundation.
Participants under point ii. are identified and nominated by partner organisations or institutions taking into account the required participants’ profile (point 9)
NB: If there are still places available once the deadline for nomination has passed, and funds permitting, we will invite those countries who have already nominated one participant to nominate a second one.
9. Target group:
Participants should come from a pre-service or in-service training context of formal or non-formal education. They need to have experience of and demonstrate a strong interest in the chosen theme. They also need to be competent users of at least one of the working languages, English or French.
Participants must be prepared and in a position to commit themselves to collaborative international work for a duration of about 12 months including the development and piloting of training materials in their contexts; this includes in particular:
 preparatory reading and writing tasks
 active participation in Module A – 11-15 November 2013, European Youth Centre, Strasbourg
 development of an educational project/ training material and piloting of this material between Module A and Module B; active exchange of information and reporting back via an online working platform
 active participation in Module B in late spring 2014
 revision of materials and participating in the final editing of the resources in view of their dissemination
 dissemination by using the materials developed by all participants in future trainings
 disseminate the programme in their local, regional or national context and continue working with other participants on-line, as a self-sustaining network after the programme is completed.
The overall workload, including the participation in the modules, is estimated to be between 120-150 hours. Participants will receive certification for the completion of this training programme indicating the nature of competences developed and the workload of the training.
10. Focus of the training activity :
The media environment has changed substantially over the past decades and the ability to use, communicate and interact in a responsible and critical yet beneficial way in this new social space is part and parcel of the competences needed to maintain and further develop our democratic societies. It permeates our lives in a much more intensive way than previously imagined. It plays a central role in most aspects of our lives: from identity building and personal development, communication, construction of reality and
negotiation of meaning, information retrieval, social interaction and participation to education and learning, to work and entertainment.
This training course will focus on the role education/ educators – formal and non-formal – can play to develop the kind of responsible attitudes and behaviour in this new social space, based on the values of human rights, which are essential for a respectful way of living together in democracy and diversity. As such it reflects one of the purposes of education: personal development/ development of the personality, and the attitudes and value-based behaviour which go with it.
The course will offer the opportunity to learn together as well as to plan and carry out collaborative and transversal educational projects between autumn 2013 and summer 2014 – in a blended learning environment - which will focus on the development of respectful and responsible attitudes and behaviour in the extended social space provided by technological means such as the internet, mobile telephony, social networks and the like.
11. Expected results:
After the training course the participants will be in better position to promote respectful attitudes and behaviour in the virtual social space; in particular they will be better equipped to
 apply responsible attitudes and behaviour in their use of the virtual social space and take action to counter irresponsible behaviour and attitudes in the virtual social space
 raise awareness in teachers and learners, in their families and communities of the importance of such responsible behaviour
 include training for responsible social behaviour in their teaching and training
The participants will form a network of education professionals equipped to continue the training on the international, national, regional and local level with a shared view of the competences which need to be developed and of the appropriate methodology of training and teaching. A collection of tried and tested training resources will be available online to serve as pedagogical support in teacher training and as a stimulation to further develop resources along similar lines
12. Outline of programme :
The duration of Module A is of 4 days; the programme will be made available in due course
13. Organising body: Council of Europe, Pestalozzi Programme
Name & Address: The Pestalozzi Programme, Council of Europe, Agora Building, F-67075 Strasbourg
Tel: 0033388413277
Fax: 0033388412788
E-mail: pestalozzi@coe.int
Site web: www.coe.int/pestalozzi
14. Team of facilitators: to be determined
15. Travel and subsistence expenses:
Travel and subsistence expenses :
The Council of Europe will cover the expenses for participants from the signatory States (8.i) according to the rules.
16. Other information:
The success of the training activities depend on the commitment of all the participants. By accepting to participate in the Pestalozzi programme, participants and facilitators agree to participate actively and assiduously in all the phases of the activity.


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